Banks Sell Apartments With Registered Tenants For Debts

The volume of mortgage lending is growing, while household incomes are only declining. This situation leads to the emergence of troubled housing – these are apartments with owners that the bank is trying to sell for the current loan debt . Experts predict that by 2021 they will be 10% of the entire secondary market. For 2019, this figure so far only 2%. Selling real estate “with a dowry” will have a big discount. But the buyer, along with housing will receive a number of legal problems.

The tendency to sell property with such a burden appeared not so long ago

sell property with such a burden appeared not so long ago

Previously, banks tried to bring the process to a logical end, that is, to evict the tenants and get an apartment at the disposal for debts. Against the background of the mortgage boom it has become much more difficult.

CIAN reports that in 2018 56% of transactions in Moscow and the region were made with the involvement of credit funds. And this figure continues to grow. The size of mortgage debts at the beginning of 2019 throughout Russia amounted to more than 6 trillion rubles. 2.6% is already in violation of the deadline, and more than half of the overdue have not been served for more than 6 months. At the same time, incomes of citizens are also declining. All this will ultimately lead to a worsening of the situation: borrowers will not cope with debts, banks will withdraw apartments .

Banks sell apartments with registered tenants

Banks sell apartments with registered tenants

Recovery of property takes place legally. The lender goes to court. If all the terms of the contract are met by him, the claim is satisfied. The property is transferred to an organization authorized by the Federal Property Management Agency for sale. If it wasn’t possible to realize it at the auction, the apartment goes to the bank balance. Further, the credit organization has to deal with its sale independently.

According to the standard scenario


The bank should achieve eviction of owners and their removal from the register. But in order to save time and court costs, he can put the property on sale immediately with the people living in it. After the sale, the former property owners can resist and not leave the housing, despite the court decision and the presence of a new owner. The buyer will have to deal with the eviction of their own. That is why such apartments are called problematic, and they have to be sold at a 20–30% discount . How profitable to agree to such a transaction, the buyer decides on their own.