Real estate sales with artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence inevitably broke into our lives. In practice, you can now have online customer service communication when you do not realize that you are talking about a problem with a pre-programmed robot. The [stick] technology is evolving and conquering new areas. What is the impact of [bot] and automated systems on real estate sales is a particularly exciting question… Mamor Real Estate

What is a stick?


Chatbot is a technical solution that represents a kind of automated customer support system. In this way, the most expensive item in every business, the living workforce can be removed from the formula, as the chatbot can be pre-programmed for typical customer problems, customer queries, and customer queries, and then “ready” to answer our questions immediately.

With this method, communication can be speedily accelerated, as with each client the system can “deal with” without delay, while typical questions (90% of cases) can be answered efficiently by us. And customer-specific queries that respond individually will be automatically linked to the responsive person who will be able to deal with those who have unique insights.

What is Mamor Real Estate?

In Hungary, an innovative company, Mamor Real Estate, has decided to reform the real estate market and introduce an automated [bot] system that enables them to make the following commitments. Working on the market with the cheapest mediation fee (1%). Sells real estate in a unique way for 45 days. Operate 0-24 hours of automated customer service with artificial intelligence. They streamline the process with their efficient customer and property pre-filtering system. The human (real estate agent) fault factor was removed from the formula. In addition to cost-effectiveness, real estate is advertised on the largest portals for their customers. Link directly to the seller, so they do not hide the customer and play an unsolicited third party in the transaction

The chat is an interactive agent or computer program that speaks in our name using loud or textual methods. Improves the quality of communication with customers, increases the effectiveness of marketing strategy. Says Samoor, founder

Can you overturn the usual real estate water?

Can you overturn the usual real estate water?

The appearance of artificial intelligence in the real estate market raises a very interesting question. Certainly, many intrusive real estate agents do not like it. Since then, when we contacted the buyer (who is not always filtered properly) in return for a high, up to 3-5% commission, they settle for the business, trembling by themselves – practically hampering the liquid process by being an information barrier , everything has to pass through them.

Can the human factor be avoided? It is a very interesting question to what extent is artificial intelligence capable of inducing a personal presence to a professional who can guide the client through the whole process. Do we have to get the living capital in such a case when the real estate agent’s person can “push a lot”?

Another question is that reality is much more subtle and that many people may have a real need for physical presence. However, they are not expected to be the target market for this technology. However, buyers and sellers who are open to this “promise” will surely feel more comfortable during the business than paying an expensive agent.

Based on the data provided, the Mamor team

Couple using digital tablet on sofa

Experts carefully prepares your home ad, displays and highlights it on the best-known advertising channels, and offers potential customers already registered in the database. Our Intelligent Intelligence chat room puts us in the forefront of searching for what our customers are looking for. If everything is right, you have nothing to do with discussing the right time for both parties and showing your home that you can save up to 800,000 forints on real estate agencies with the Mamor Real Estate Team in the sale of a 20 Million Forint property.

It all depends on the cost!

Undoubtedly a real estate sale. For the highly price sensitive Hungarian market, the mediation fee determines the process itself. From this point of view, technology based on artificial intelligence can be of particular interest, which can, among other things, trigger.

In 2017, the average real estate price was $ 38,000,000. In the case of a transaction of this value, an intermediary fee of 4M, which can be considered as an average market price, amounts to a commission fee of HUF 1.5M payable to the payer. This is an extremely important item, the extent of which is the benefit of the intermediary company, the marketing costs, the maintenance of the office, the commission of the real estate agent and the customer service. At this cost, try to save the chatbot technology in this mode of use. Compared to this, the Mamor property reduced these costs and in this case the seller could save 1 140 000 forints.

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